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The Best French Quiche in Idaho

The Best French Quiche in Idaho

What does Quiche have to do with real estate or Idaho?  Well, nothing really, other than I work in real estate and it’s one of my favorite dishes to make for my family on those cold winter evenings.

As some of you may know I lived in France for many years and quiche is the French equivalent of an American stew.  In other words, when you don’t know what to make for dinner, you just throw all the yummy, good things in your fridge into a pan, cook, or in this case, bake and Voila!, a delicious meal. 

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of variations you can make with quiche.  The essentials are eggs, crème Fraiche (or heavy cream), and pie crust or puff pastry.  Throw in whatever cheese, vegetable or meat you love, and if you’re in Idaho, why not add in some potatoes?  It takes less than 20 minutes to put together and let the oven do the rest.  I typically pair my quiche with a green butter lettuce salad made with a homemade vinaigrette (email me for the recipe and never buy store-bought salad dressing again).  Serve with a glass of French wine, Bourgogne is a good one or dry white.  

For many Americans, quiche may seem a bit challenging to make, but here is my failproof recipe to wow your family and guests this winter season.


Jenn’s Easy & Delicious French Quiche


Boise Has Amazing Lasagna

Boise Has Amazing Lasagna

Boise’s Favorite Italian Lasagna

Cucina Di Paolo is a Boise icon and legend, due to their location and Betty the Washerwoman, and of course their famous lasagna.  Some would even say this family-owned restaurant serves Boise’s favorite Italian Lasagna.

Update: On October 24, 2020, the co-owner and Chef of Cucina di Paolo, Paul Wegner passed away. You can read his obituary written by his beloved wife and business partner here (warning: have kleenex on hand).

This small business has touched the hearts and stomachs of locals and those passing through for nearly 30 years. If you were ever lucky enough to have been there during their mad lunch rush you would have seen the Wegners in full swing, cooking gourmet meals, making customers smile, all while never missing a beat.

2020 has been a tough year for so many of our local businesses in the Boise Metro Area. If you have the chance and would like to try a knock your socks off lasagna, (just like your Italian grandma used to make) then you must head over to Cucina di Paolo. 

Original blog post:

In this video, we explore and taste the delicious recipes of the well-known little eatery on Vista Ave in Boise’s Bench neighborhood. Known for their home-cooked meals, and out-of-the-world lasagna and desserts, the Owners, Paul and Mary Jean Wegner make Cucina di Paolo a MUST to dine in or take out when in Boise.

When we first moved to The Bench in Boise one of the first things we noticed was Betty the Washerwoman, a mechanical woman washing clothes far above the cozy little Cucina di Paolo. We noticed she was dressed for the season and each month we anticipated her next costume. From a spring cleaning outfit to a school teacher to the Spring Bunny, Betty has yet to disappoint.

After months of passing and noticing a constant full parking lot in front of Cucina di Paolo, we decided to check it out ourselves. We were not disappointed. The cozy restaurant is typically full at lunch and dinner with customers waiting in line to order. The place is bursting with energy as Paul Wegner bustles around the kitchen preparing his delicious recipes while Mary Jean takes orders, prepares her scrumptious desserts, jokes, and chats with the guests.

We ordered the most delicious lasagna and homemade meatballs and we knew we were in love. Not to mention the adorable side patio with plenty of cozy seating to make you feel you’re right in Italy eating Mama’s homemade cooking. And that’s the feeling that Cucina di Paolo gives, great homecooked food, made with love by people who truly love Boise. If you haven’t checked it out yet we highly recommend it. Let us know what you think.

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Boise’s Best Lunch with a View

Boise’s Best Lunch with a View

Did you just move to Boise or thinking about it? Maybe you’ve been here for years, but want to try a new spot? A must visit spot for lunch, beer and an incredible Downtown Boise view is Zee’s Rooftop Café. Great local fare and an amazing atmosphere are always served at Zee’s. In addition to a great lunch check out what other amazing events you can participate in in this hidden venue in Downtown Boise.

This was the first place we went to eat after moving to Boise. It was a cold February afternoon and our friends, who work in Downtown Boise insisted we visit Zee’s. Zee’s closes at 2 p.m., but he stayed open for us and we had the whole place to ourselves. We were in awe of the most incredible view from the Penthouse where Zee’s Café is located. Snow capped hills and Mountains, Downtown buzzing below and topped with the best paninni and local beer I had eaten in ages. Zee’s automatically became one of our favorites!

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Boise’s Incredible Wine Selection – City Center Wines

Boise’s Incredible Wine Selection – City Center Wines

Moving to Boise from Paris (France, not Texas) one of the things we knew we would miss would be the food and wine. Thankfully, with so many up-and-coming trendy restaurants and this great wine shop we discovered in Downtown Boise, we have found we’re not as home sick as we had thought.  We discovered City Center Wines and found the most incredible wine selection in Boise.

City Center Wine Shop is a family-owned wine shop. The owners, brother and sister changed careers and created the shop out of their love and passion for wine and to bring Boise unique, hard-to-find wines they may not be able to find elsewhere. With an amazing selection of Italian, Spanish, French, California, and even Idaho wines, the wine lover will not be disappointed when venturing into this cozy corner of downtown located at 574 W. Main St.

For us personally, we left with an amazing Bordeaux that we know we can’t find anywhere else in The Treasure Valley, not to mention a little more wine savvy after speaking with David, one of the owners about the history of some of the great wines in their store.

Jennifer Louis is a real estate and relocation specialist for The Treasure Valley. She loves introducing newly relocated families to the great local spots in town and showing them great neighborhoods and communities throughout The Valley. Would you like to learn more about Boise and its growing local businesses? Feel free to contact us and I’ll be happy to show you around.

Mad Swede Brewing

Mad Swede Brewing

One great thing about living in the Northwest US is the surplus of microbreweries. So many great local beers to taste with great flavor and fun atmospheres. Boise breweries definitely hold their own when it comes to keeping up with the big players in Portland, Bend and Seattle. One brewery here in Boise definitely stands out and isn’t afraid to craft some adventurous flavors, Mad Swede Brewing Company.

The owners are two engineers from Hewlett Packard who decided to take their home brewing engineering to the public. With Owner/Brewmaster Jerry Larson aka The Mad Swede behind the brewing magic it’s a brewery one doesn’t easily forget. With Viking scenes painted around, games on every table, local food trucks nightly and Torby, the Brewery’s furry mascot running around it makes for a memorable evening out.

For us personally, the beer stood up to some of the great brews we had in Belgium and France, but the atmosphere was really laid back, fun and you feel like a local there. Dogs and kids are welcome too. For those moving to Boise or thinking of it don’t worry you won’t miss your back-home brewery with Mad Swede in town.

David and Jennifer Louis are Real Estate and Relocation Specialists for The Treasure Valley. They love introducing newly relocated families to the great local spots in town and showing them great neighborhoods and communities throughout The Valley. Would you like to learn more about Boise and it’s growing local businesses? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to show you around.