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Mad Swede Brewing

by | May 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

One great thing about living in the Northwest US is the surplus of microbreweries. So many great local beers to taste with great flavor and fun atmospheres. Boise breweries definitely hold their own when it comes to keeping up with the big players in Portland, Bend and Seattle. One brewery here in Boise definitely stands out and isn’t afraid to craft some adventurous flavors, Mad Swede Brewing Company.

The owners are two engineers from Hewlett Packard who decided to take their home brewing engineering to the public. With Owner/Brewmaster Jerry Larson aka The Mad Swede behind the brewing magic it’s a brewery one doesn’t easily forget. With Viking scenes painted around, games on every table, local food trucks nightly and Torby, the Brewery’s furry mascot running around it makes for a memorable evening out.

For us personally, the beer stood up to some of the great brews we had in Belgium and France, but the atmosphere was really laid back, fun and you feel like a local there. Dogs and kids are welcome too. For those moving to Boise or thinking of it don’t worry you won’t miss your back-home brewery with Mad Swede in town.

David and Jennifer Louis are Real Estate and Relocation Specialists for The Treasure Valley. They love introducing newly relocated families to the great local spots in town and showing them great neighborhoods and communities throughout The Valley. Would you like to learn more about Boise and it’s growing local businesses? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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Jennifer Louis

Residential Real Estate Expert

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