Season 1 – Episode 2

One of the major things that we loved about Boise when we moved here was all the outdoor activities and races. We signed up for FitOne and a couple of other 10K races when we moved here, but because of a past ankle issue, I needed special shoes that could support my ankle during a race. I asked around where to find a good running store and was only given the name, Bandanna Running.

Bandanna Running is unlike any running store we’ve ever been in. With hands on service by the owners and their team I knew immediately I was in good hands. Come to find out one of the Owners, Rich Harris is one of the fastest Milers in US History and has a “wall of history” that just blew our mind. Everything you need for a run (or walk) and more you can find in this store. You would think I was a professional athlete when I left by how much attention and service I received during my visit. Every staff member is truly interested in helping their customer find the right shoe or gear for their needs.

Located in Downtown Boise on 5th and Main St. for over 20 years, it brings not only an amazing history, but a true sense of what to expect of local businesses in Boise. They’re open Mon-Sun and you will usually find Owner, Rich Harris there most days. If he’s not, don’t worry you’ll be in good hands with Owner, Shannon Harris or a member of their expert team and their mascot, Rocket