The Linen District – Boise’s Hippest Neighborhoods

Did you just move to Boise and are invited to a fabulous costume party? Well, that happened to us when we moved here. Not knowing where to find a wig and silk gloves last minute we headed downtown and discovered the hip, Boise Linen District and happened to land on a fabulous boutique called Crazy Neighbor. This boutique offers a unique blend of eclectic accessories, haberdashery, wigs, makeup, and costumes.

If the unique items, ambiance, and great service aren’t enough the history is pretty incredible. Created and owned by Star Moxley, a renowned costume designer for Boise’s Shakespeare Festival. Moxley owned a successful costume shop in Boise for years and years. After selling it she created Crazy Neighbor to bring a unique twist to the theatre to Boise, not to mention the very much needed men’s accessories. Hats, socks, ties just to name a few are some of the fabulous men’s items you can find here. Women can also find hats, wigs, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, and more in this fun boutique.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Boise’s Linen District come by and don’t miss it. There’s not only great shopping but great restaurants and cafes as well.  For example one of my favorites, Big City Coffee for a hearty, homecooked breakfast or pastry with delicious coffee.  Don’t forget The Modern, hotel and bar, a fantastic spot for a night out with friends.  Another great spot in the Linen District, is Rhodes Skate Park, a one-of-a-kind, skate park for kids, teens and adults. 

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