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Welcome To Beautiful Boise, Idaho!

Boise is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Idaho. However, even though as the capital, Boise boasts many large city amenities such as shopping, museums, parks, and more, it retains the feel of a small town where community and a relaxed atmosphere are treasured.

Boise’s Metro area was named the Treasure Valley by the Chamber of Commerce back in 1959 to reflect it’s “treasure chest” of natural resources and opportunities within the region. 

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It’s no secret that housing is affordable, the crime is low and the traffic is a dream, but to make Boise home you need to really experience it from a local’s point of view. That’s why I organize free tours of The Treasure Valley to those who chose to make this great place home. Come with me and check out historic neighborhoods, the best lasagna, a secret view of the Boise skyline, lovely kid-friendly parks, the miles of greenbelt and fantastic dog parks.

Explore The Treasure Valley

The Treasure Valley includes five counties and is home to some of Idaho’s largest cities including Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Middleton, Kuna and Caldwell. The area is known for being a friendly area, that offers the perks of large cities, but with a smaller town feel. Boise itself has a population of 237,000+ and the entire Treasure Valley is populated at about 750,000.

The City Of Trees

As the area is surrounded by nature. Locals and newcomers alike find the population compared to the space give everyone room to breathe. There is something here for everyone. If outdoors is your calling there are rivers, lakes, mountains, tree-lined trails, ski resorts, hot springs all within the area. If relaxed city life is more your style, Boise has you covered.


As the state’s capital its bustling with a growing food/drink scene including some fantastic breweries, award-winning chef restaurants and popular food truck parks.

The traffic is minimal, the crime is low and the seasons are beautiful, no wonder this area has continued to make the #1 place to live in the US lists for so many years. The secret is out, it’s overall a great place to live.

Fun Facts About Boise & Beyond


The Boise Metro area was originally called the Snake River area, until 1959 when the Chamber of Comm changed its name to The Treasure Valley. They felt the new title better demonstrated the abundance of natural resources and commercial opportunities the region offered.


Boise has four distinct seasons, but typically they are known for being milder than the majority of other Northern States within the US. Summers are hot and dry and temperatures start to cool off in mid-late September. Winters are cold, but still quite mild with only moderate snowfall within the Valley. You can expect blue skies, but shorter days in winter. Spring and Fall are both beautiful in their own right and bring wetter weather and cooler days and nights. 
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Major Industries and Employers

The Albertsons grocery story chain is headquartered in Boise and you will find an Albertsons on almost all major roadways, not to mention a couple of their Market Street concept stores which feel like a Whole Foods and Albertsons got married. There is also Micron Technology, HP, St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus Health Systems and of course Boise is a college town and home to the famous blue turf of Boise State University. More employers are moving to the area including a large Amazon hub in Nampa, and we can’t forget JR Simplot which helped give Idaho its reputation for being famous for potatoes.


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This is not your ordinary relocation guide, this is a glimpse into what Boise is really like from the point of view of a local. Download this curated guide for information on the neighborhoods, parks, events, favorite restaurants, kids’ activities & more!


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