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Boise Loves Their Pets

Boise Loves Their Pets

Boise’s Favorite Pet Store

If you’re new to Boise and have a pet, check out the well-loved store by pet owners throughout the Treasure Valley, Bark N Purr.  Boise’s favorite pet store is a culinary hotspot for your furry friends. A healthy choice in Boise that offers holistic and hyper-allergenic food for dogs and cats. They also carry gourmet, fun treats and toys for your pets from local businesses around Idaho.

Don’t forget the iClean Dog Wash. A self-service dog wash that is not only easy to use, dog friendly, and only $10. It’s a great way to wash, groom and dry your dog for a great price and not get soaked in the meantime.  The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and loves furry friends.  It’s a great place to bring a pet to socialize and learn how to behave in public.  

Bark N Purr is located in the Vista Village Shopping Center in the Boise Bench and is one of the great, local businesses here in Boise and believes in offering quality products and that genuine Boise, kind type of service that Idaho is known for. Come check it out and let us know what you think.

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A Piece of Paradise in Boise

A Piece of Paradise in Boise

This episode takes a peek at the history behind the historic Edward’s Greenhouse located in Northwest Boise. A family-owned, geothermally heated paradise with some of the most incredible plants, flowers, and staff in all of The Treasure Valley. THE LOCALS love and recommend Edwards Greenhouse, so if you’re new to Boise and want to shop for your garden like the locals do you need to watch and see what you have been missing.

One of our favorite things about Boise, when we moved here, were the incredible yards and gardens as we drove around. Flowers that change and bloom on a weekly basis make spring and summer a very exciting time here. After buying our home we immediately started working on our own little paradise. All the locals we spoke to recommended Edward’s Greenhouse for the best flowers, plants and vegetables. Also, just an amazing place to spend the day and relax with a park-like setting, a garden gazebo, and picnic area and live music one evening a month. Such a gem and a must for any of those moving to the area or who have just recently arrived.

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Boise’s Best Lunch with a View

Boise’s Best Lunch with a View

Did you just move to Boise or thinking about it? Maybe you’ve been here for years, but want to try a new spot? A must visit spot for lunch, beer and an incredible Downtown Boise view is Zee’s Rooftop Café. Great local fare and an amazing atmosphere are always served at Zee’s. In addition to a great lunch check out what other amazing events you can participate in in this hidden venue in Downtown Boise.

This was the first place we went to eat after moving to Boise. It was a cold February afternoon and our friends, who work in Downtown Boise insisted we visit Zee’s. Zee’s closes at 2 p.m., but he stayed open for us and we had the whole place to ourselves. We were in awe of the most incredible view from the Penthouse where Zee’s Café is located. Snow capped hills and Mountains, Downtown buzzing below and topped with the best paninni and local beer I had eaten in ages. Zee’s automatically became one of our favorites!

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Bandanna Running

Bandanna Running

Season 1 – Episode 2

One of the major things that we loved about Boise when we moved here was all the outdoor activities and races. We signed up for FitOne and a couple of other 10K races when we moved here, but because of a past ankle issue, I needed special shoes that could support my ankle during a race. I asked around where to find a good running store and was only given the name, Bandanna Running.

Bandanna Running is unlike any running store we’ve ever been in. With hands on service by the owners and their team I knew immediately I was in good hands. Come to find out one of the Owners, Rich Harris is one of the fastest Milers in US History and has a “wall of history” that just blew our mind. Everything you need for a run (or walk) and more you can find in this store. You would think I was a professional athlete when I left by how much attention and service I received during my visit. Every staff member is truly interested in helping their customer find the right shoe or gear for their needs.

Located in Downtown Boise on 5th and Main St. for over 20 years, it brings not only an amazing history, but a true sense of what to expect of local businesses in Boise. They’re open Mon-Sun and you will usually find Owner, Rich Harris there most days. If he’s not, don’t worry you’ll be in good hands with Owner, Shannon Harris or a member of their expert team and their mascot, Rocket