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Best Winter Activities in Boise

Best Winter Activities in Boise

Welcome to Boise and Beyond’s blog series focusing on living like a local in Idaho.  If you are one of the many who have recently relocated to Boise and the Treasure Valley here are some of the best ways to fit in and acclimate to your new home.

Discovering Boise’s Winter Scene

If you haven’t yet experienced the colder months in Boise, you really should. Winter in the Treasure Valley stands out from most other cities in the US, mainly due to its mild weather, while offering a plethora of enjoyable winter activities. With only a fraction of annual snowfall and consistently sunny skies, it’s easy to stay active throughout the winter season. Here are some of the best activities to partake in this winter in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.

Winter Markets in Boise

Boise Winter MarketsBoise is renowned for its support of local businesses and hosts several outdoor markets during the warmer months. Even in winter, you can still experience these markets at two different locations.

  1. The Wintry Market is situated at the Boise Centre in Downtown Boise (850 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702) from November 17th to 18th. This indoor event showcases the creations of local artists, craftsmen, and vendors, featuring over 175 participants. This year, they have expanded to include artists from Arizona, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, offering unique goods and crafts at affordable prices.
  2. Boise Farmers Market, one of the most popular weekend events all year long in Downtown Boise, moves indoors during winter. You can purchase produce and goods from local farmers and vendors on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM, from November 4th to December 23rd. They will be at two different locations; click here for details and a map to the markets.


Boise Winter Activities Outdoors

While snow doesn’t stick around all winter in Boise, when it does, it creates fantastic opportunities for outdoor fun. Here are a few of my favorite places for sledding and hiking:

  1. Camelback Park in Boise’s Northend transforms into a sledding adventure when snow arrives. At the beginning of winter, preparations are made by attaching hay bales to many trees, ensuring safe sledding. Hike up the hill and enjoy tubing or sledding down, all while taking in some of the most breathtaking views of Boise. Even without snow, Camelback Park is a great place for hiking, offering ample hiking and running trails with extraordinary valley views.
  2. Eagle Island State Park, hosted by Gateway Parks, opens its popular tubing hill from November to March every year. There is an entrance fee, and additional charges apply for activities. The park provides food, drinks, and a firepit at the base for spectators.
  3. Bogus Basin, a non-profit winter park only 16 miles from Boise, offers a wide range of winter activities. It’s an ideal spot for a half-day or full-day trip to enjoy the snow. You can explore a tubing hill or purchase a pass to take a chairlift and ski or snowboard down any of the 90 runs on the mountain. The views are breathtaking, and you’ll find various spots for food and drink as well as indoor areas to warm up.

Soak in Idaho’s Hot Springs

Best Hot Springs Near Boise

Idaho is literally covered with hot springs waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. You can pick up a guidebook or visit a website to find many springs you can hike to during the day or twilight hours. Some are privately maintained and family-friendly just outside Boise. Here are two of my personal favorites:

  1. The Springs in Idaho City, are located just 45 minutes northeast of Boise near the historic mining town of Idaho City. Here, you can enjoy a spa-like experience with a soak in their natural hot spring pool while listening to local musicians or indulging in local cuisine. You can also rent a private pool or get a massage. Kids are welcome on Saturdays and Sundays, but reservations are required.
  2. Gold Fork Hot Springs, north of Boise on the route heading towards McCall, is situated in the town of Donnelly in the foothills of the North Fork Range. They offer multiple pools at different depths and temperatures, making it an excellent soak for the whole family, from young to old. Please note they are closed on holidays and Tuesdays, and cash is the only accepted payment method. It’s advisable to call ahead to ensure they are open and have ample space.

Boise’s Winter Gardens and Parks

Boise Garden's In WinterThe Treasure Valley is brimming with beautiful parks that come alive in winter. There are several private gardens and parks that are a must-visit in winter, as well as places to play, run, or build a snowman during the day. Here are a few of my top recommendations:

  1. The Idaho Botanical Gardens light up with their Winter Garden aGlow from November 23rd to December 31st. Here, you can stroll through paths adorned with twinkling lights and explore a winter wonderland. They offer food and warm drinks, such as hot chocolate, or you can check out an adult beverage at the Snow Globe Bar. Additionally, they feature a Gingerbread Village and have numerous fire pits scattered throughout the gardens.
  2. Edwards Greenhouse is one of the best places to escape the cold and still feel like you’re outdoors throughout the winter. The thermally heated historic greenhouses in NW Boise provide a warm and tropical environment, allowing you to shed your coat and immerse yourself in the beauty of plants and natural aromas. You can bring your lunch and enjoy it under their gazebo. You can also partake in yoga classes or potting classes in their flower shop. Don’t forget their kids’ pop-up park in February, where an entire greenhouse is cleared and transformed into an indoor playground and picnic area.
  3. Ann Morrison Park is an excellent public park for letting your dog play on Dog Island and run in the snow, or you can head to one of the many grassy areas and build a snowman. Located on the Boise Greenbelt, it’s an ideal place to soak in some sunshine and enjoy the winter ambiance.

Go to the Movies, Boise Style

Boise Winter Activities Egyptian Theater

If you need a break from the cold but still want to get out, winter is a great time to visit some of Boise’s coolest cinemas.

  1. The Flicks, located in downtown Boise, is a one-of-a-kind cinema for movie lovers. They feature independent, foreign, art films, and some of the best Hollywood movies on their four screens. Additionally, they have a café serving local fare, where you can grab a snack, dinner, or enjoy wine and beer before or during your film.
  2. The Egyptian Theatre is a historical gem in Boise that you shouldn’t miss. During the colder months, they showcase seasonal movies like “Love Actually” and other past blockbusters. Be sure to check their calendar for live performances, including the Nutcracker and popular comedians and musicians.


Boise Real Estate Professional


Don’t let the Fall and Winter months keep you inside, there are so many great places to explore in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  Looking to discover more about Boise Metro Area?  Follow this blog or set up your personal consultation with Jennifer Louis, Boise Metro Real Estate Expert, and local relocation guide.  (208) 509-9122 or


Boise’s Thriving Coffee Culture – A Java Lover’s Guide

Boise’s Thriving Coffee Culture – A Java Lover’s Guide

Welcome to Boise and Beyond’s blog series focusing on living like a local in Idaho.  If you are one of the many who have recently relocated to Boise and the Treasure Valley here are some of the best ways to fit in and acclimate to your new home.

Discovering Boise’s Coffee Scene – Best Cafes and Brews

Whether you’re a Boise local, a weekend explorer, or a long-time resident, there’s something undeniably alluring about the coffee culture in the City of Trees. While it might not rival Seattle’s coffee empire, Boise is making its mark as a fantastic place to savor your next cup of Joe, with an ever-growing number of delightful coffee shops throughout the Treasure Valley. Let’s dive into some of the Best Boise coffee spots that are keeping Boise’s caffeine enthusiasts buzzing.

Primal Coffee

Primal Coffee Boise

Tucked away snugly on The Bench in Boise, Primal Coffee is a cozy, intimate coffee haven. The moment you step inside, you’re enveloped in a friendly, chill vibe that sets the perfect tone for your coffee experience.  It’s common to hear the baristas welcome you by name and know your favorite beverage before you order.  Serving pastries and goodies from the popular Gastons Bakery as well as some other treats makes it a well-rounded place for a meet-up or to catch a bit before work if you live in the area.  The coffee is so good and you can tell the owner really cares about the quality of each brew and what goes into his customer’s cups.  If you are on the Bench it’s worth the stop.

If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. Primal Coffee:  20 N Latah, Boise, ID 83705


Sunshine Spice Cafe

Sunshine Cafe Boise local dining you should know aboutThis is another one of the local Boise dining spots you may not know about, Sunshine Spice Café.  One of my good friends and long-time clients, Lisa loves to try new spots.  We try and meet monthly to check out a new coffee spot and this was her pick.  I never noticed it because of its location in a strip mall off of Fairview in NW Boise, but oh man, I wish I had discovered it before.  It’s owned by four sisters from Afghanistan and it highlights Middle Eastern baked treats with an American/European twist. They are so friendly when you walk in and the café is pleasantly decorated with paintings from local artists available for purchase.  The Turkish coffee is delightful and strong, and if you are looking for a little spice in your coffee the Safron Latté is worth the trip alone.  Don’t miss this unique, one-of-a-kind café.

Sunshine Spice Café is so good that there was a line out the door when we were leaving and they were recently featured on the Food Network show, The Next Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives last month.  You can try it out yourself here, Sunshine Spice Café and Bakery: 6911 W Fairview, Boise, ID 83704


Push and Pour

Boasting not one but two fantastic and dog-friendly locations in Boise, Push and Pour offers a unique warehouse ambiance that instantly puts you at ease. Plus, their avocado toast is the stuff of legends, featuring homemade sourdough bread and what feels like an entire orchard of avocados generously spread on top.  I love both locations for different reasons.  The location on the Bench features loads of outdoor seating and something for everyone if coffee isn’t their thing.  The Garden City location is just a few steps away from Quinns Pond and the Surf Wave part of the Whitewater Park experience.  Bring your dog inside or sit outside on their patios, but either way just a great overall experience and worth the trip.

They have several great locations in Boise.  Push and Pour is located at 214 E 34th St, Garden City, ID 83714, 501 S Ash St, Boise, ID 83702, and 13 S Latah St, Boise, ID 83705


Form and Function

Nestled in the heart of downtown Boise, Form and Function offers a modern, loft-inspired ambiance that’s bound to get your creative juices flowing. As coffee roasters, they take their craft seriously, and their skilled baristas brew up some of the city’s best coffee. With ample seating and a pleasant atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot to catch up with friends or get some work done.

Here is more about this trendy coffee spot:  Form and Function located at 511 W Broad St, Boise, ID 83702


Alchemist Coffee

Known for its amazing atmosphere and laid-back vibe, Alchemist Coffee is a local favorite. And, of course, they deliver delicious coffee that’s bound to make you a regular.

They have two great locations both with easy access and ample parking.  Check out Alchemist Coffee located at 10650 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709, and 2701 W Stewart Ave, Boise, ID 83702.

Boise’s coffee scene is continually evolving, and these popular spots are just a glimpse of the caffeinated treasures you can discover here. Whether you’re seeking a quiet moment for yourself or a lively gathering with friends, Boise’s best coffee shops have something special brewing for everyone. Don’t miss out on this vibrant and growing coffee culture – come, explore, and sip your way through the City of Trees!

Don’t let the Fall and Winter months keep you inside, there are so many great places to explore in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  Looking to discover more about Boise Metro Area?  Follow this blog or set up your personal consultation with Jennifer Louis, Boise Metro Real Estate Expert, and local relocation guide.  (208) 509-9122 or

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Boise Home Builders and Your Construction Options

Boise Home Builders and Your Construction Options

Choosing the Right Builder and Community

Finding the perfect builder and community is your first crucial step in the exciting journey of constructing your dream home in the Treasure Valley. With over 100 active builders to choose from, this can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Jennifer Louis, a highly recommended realtor with expertise in relocation, is here to help.  Here is your guide of Boise Home Builders and your construction options to get started.

Exploring Home Builder Types

When embarking on the journey of building a new home, one of the fundamental decisions you’ll need to make is selecting the right type of home builder to suit your preferences and needs. Here, we delve into the three primary categories of home builders, each offering a distinct approach to the art of home construction:

1. Production Builders

Production builders are renowned for their efficiency and streamlined processes. These companies specialize in constructing a range of homes based on the same set of floorplans. This repetition allows them to create consistent, high-quality homes. However, there’s a trade-off. While production builders often provide a multitude of options and upgrades, these typically come at a premium. In the pursuit of efficiency, the client experience may sometimes be less personalized compared to other builder types.  There are various price ranges and community types with production builders in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  Depending on the production builder you choose you may have less participation in customizing the home.  CBH Homes is one of the largest production builders in the Valley and they offer minimal options to customize.  They became a spec home builder several years ago during the Boise Boom and removed most options that a homeowner can choose in new construction.  They still offer options for landscape and fencing in some of their communities and you can often upgrade to include their window coverings and appliances or negotiate to have these included in the contract price.

2. Semi-Custom Builders

Semi-custom builders strike a balance between the convenience of pre-designed floorplans and the flexibility to make modifications. Clients can choose from a selection of floorplans but also have the opportunity to personalize finishes and amenities to better suit their tastes and requirements. What sets semi-custom builders apart is their increased level of client interaction. They tend to be more hands-on throughout the construction process, often having superintendents on-site to oversee the project, ensuring that your vision is brought to life.  Brighton Homes is a good example of a semi-custom home that is popular with homeowners in the Treasure Valley.  They have been around for nearly 30 years and have built-in many popular subdivisions and parts of the Treasure Valley.

3. Custom Home Builders

For those seeking a truly unique and personalized home, custom home builders are the answer. They are dedicated to crafting one-of-a-kind homes tailored to the individual preferences and requirements of each client. Unlike other builder types, the price and size of the home do not determine whether a builder is considered custom. Many builders claim to offer custom services, but only a select few can genuinely be classified as custom home builders. In this category, clients typically purchase a lot, collaborate closely in designing their dream home, and then engage a builder to bring their vision to life. While custom home construction offers the highest level of personalization, it’s important to note that it’s often the most expensive route to homeownership.  There are many custom builders to choose from, for example, Shadow Mountain Homes which has been building luxury homes in the Boise, Idaho area for nearly 30 years.

In summary, choosing the right type of home builder is a pivotal decision in your home-building journey. Your selection will significantly influence the design, cost, and personalization of your dream home, so consider your priorities and budget carefully before making a choice.

Why Jennifer Louis is Your Key to Success

Jennifer has an extensive track record of working with numerous builders in the area. Her firsthand experiences and client feedback from those who’ve had homes built or purchased under construction are invaluable. She’ll expertly match you with the right builder and community, ensuring you start on the right path.

If you are coming from out of state you will start with in-depth video consultations to get a feel for the area and where you may want to begin.  Based on your criteria and the initial consultation you will be sent a list of builders and homes under construction to start viewing floorplans and communities online.  She will then start registering you as her client with the builders and getting the communication started for your first tour through the community and homes.  If visiting in person is not an option Jennifer will work on your behalf providing you with detailed information to make the right home selection from afar.  This support covers everything from touring homes that align with your preferred floorplans and model homes to reviewing all contracts and composing addendums. She’s skilled at negotiating terms, attending design appointments, and overseeing inspections, ensuring the builder delivers as per the contract.

Jennifer Louis is your trusted partner in making your dream home in the Treasure Valley a reality.  Contact her today to set up a free consultation to get you matched up with the right builder in the right community or area in the Boise area.

Boise Real Estate ProfessionalIf you are considering relocating to Boise and the surrounding area and buying a home  I offer a free, no-obligation consultation and will help you start the home-buying process in Boise.  In the meantime, make sure to follow me,  Jennifer Louis, Boise Metro Real Estate Expert, and local relocation guide on Instagram, Facebook, or my blog for fun facts about Boise and of course a few things real estate.  (208) 509-9122 or

Differences Between Real Estate Teams and Independent Agents

Differences Between Real Estate Teams and Independent Agents

When it comes to buying or selling your home, the choice between working with a real estate team or an independent/single agent is a significant decision. Each option offers its unique strengths, but many clients have discovered the exceptional benefits of choosing an independent agent. In this post, we’ll explore the differences between these two approaches while shining a spotlight on the many positive benefits of Independent Real Estate Agents vs. Teams

Overall Experience

Independent/Single Agent: Independent agents offer a truly personalized experience. They focus exclusively on your needs and goals, tailoring their approach to match your unique preferences. With an independent agent, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner receiving individualized attention that ensures your real estate journey aligns perfectly with your vision.

Real Estate Team: Real estate teams, while diverse in skills, may distribute their attention across multiple clients. This can lead to a more generalized approach, making it challenging to receive the same level of personalization and tailored guidance that an independent agent provides.

In-Depth Knowledge and Dedication

Independent/Single Agent: Independent agents are known for their depth of knowledge and unwavering dedication. Their years of experience have honed their skills, making them true experts in their field. With an independent agent, you can trust that your transaction is guided by an individual who is fully committed to achieving the best results for you.

Real Estate Team: Real estate teams offer a collective expertise, but this can sometimes result in a more divided dedication. Team members may split their focus across various aspects of the transaction, potentially diluting the level of specialized knowledge and commitment an independent agent can provide.

Direct and Open Communication

Independent/Single Agent: Independent agents prioritize direct, transparent, and open communication. They serve as your primary point of contact, ensuring that you receive prompt responses and clear updates at every stage of the process. This straightforward communication style fosters a stronger client-agent relationship.

Real Estate Team: Real estate teams may involve multiple layers of communication, potentially leading to delays and misunderstandings. Navigating a team’s hierarchy to get answers or updates can sometimes complicate the client-agent interaction and result in less direct communication.

Personal Accountability

Independent/Single Agent: Independent agents take personal accountability for your satisfaction and success. They view your objectives as their own, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome. With an independent agent, you can rest assured that your agent is fully responsible for ensuring your interests are protected and advanced.

Real Estate Team: Accountability within real estate teams can be distributed among team members, making it challenging to pinpoint individual responsibility. While team collaboration has its advantages, it can also lead to less clear-cut accountability compared to the personalized commitment of an independent agent.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Independent/Single Agent: Independent agents empower you with swift decision-making. You won’t encounter delays or complications due to multiple layers of team coordination. Your agent is equipped to make decisions promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Real Estate Team: Real estate teams may require additional steps for decision-making, involving multiple team members and approvals. This can potentially slow down the process, leading to longer wait times and a less streamlined experience compared to working with an independent agent.

Local Connections and Relationships

Independent/Single Agent:  Don’t be misled by the title “Independent or Single Agent” Most agents with experience are working with a network of individuals and companies that make each one of their client’s transactions seamless.  For example, they often have well-established, long-lasting relationships with local service providers, from lenders to inspectors and contractors. These connections can benefit you, as your agent can connect you with trusted professionals who can expedite the transaction and ensure its success.  Your Independent Agent may also have a licensed or unlicensed real estate Assistant, or a Transaction Coordinator to assist with ensuring the legal documents are executed on time and correctly.  Also, it’s imperative to mention that every Agent works under a Broker (unless they are a Broker themselves) and has direct access to the Designated Broker’s input on important, key processes and issues that may come up in a transaction.

Real Estate Team: Teams also have a large network of resources to provide to their clients and may have more choices for their clients to choose from when it comes to subcontractors, but most real estate teams are loyal to the same lender, title company, and inspector due to the number of transactions they handle and in order to streamline their process.

In summary, independent agents shine in their ability to provide a highly personalized, knowledgeable, and accountable real estate experience. While real estate teams offer a collective approach, working with an independent agent often leads to a more tailored, efficient, and client-centered journey, ensuring that your specific needs and goals are met with precision and dedication.  The above-mentioned are just some of the benefits of working with an Independent Real Estate Agent vs a team. Choosing the right agent ultimately comes down to your priorities and the kind of experience you seek on your real estate journey.

Whichever path you decide to take, remember that the key to a successful real estate transaction lies in finding a qualified and trustworthy professional who understands and prioritizes your goals.


Boise Real Estate ProfessionalIf you are considering buying or selling a home  I offer a free, no-obligation consultation and will help you start the home-buying process in Boise.  In the meantime, make sure to follow me,  Jennifer Louis, Boise Metro Real Estate Expert, and local relocation guide on Instagram, Facebook, or my blog for fun facts about Boise and of course a few things real estate.  (208) 509-9122 or

Reality of Renting vs Buying in Boise in 2023

Reality of Renting vs Buying in Boise in 2023

Is It Better to Rent or Buy in 2023?

Boise’s home prices have gone up substantially over the past several years, but the same can be said for the going rental rate in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  With mortgage interest rates higher than they have been in years many renters have shied away from the idea of purchasing a home, feeling it is out of reach, but is it?  There are advantages to renting and buying depending on each individual/family’s circumstances.  This article is to demonstrate the facts of what renting in Boise looks like in 2023 and the years to come vs what buying in the present market could mean.  Let’s take a realistic look at renting vs buying in Boise in 2023.

Boise’s Rental Market

Renting vs Buying BoiseThere are a number of reasons an individual or a family decides to rent a home or apartment.  Some, are only in Boise temporarily and need housing for only a year or two.  It could be they are still in College and don’t have any credit built up or funds needed to purchase a home and renting is a more realistic option.  It could also be they just moved here from out of State and want to get a better feel for the area before committing to buying a home.  There are also those that believe that buying a home is just not possible after watching home prices go up year after year in and around Boise.  Whatever the reason renters all face the same struggle when looking for a home or apartment to rent in Boise, low inventory.  This means there are actually fewer places to rent than renters seeking a place to call home.  The supply vs demand has driven up the prices in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley over the past few years making renting more challenging than in the past.

According to Zillow the average price of a rental in Boise is $1850/month.  A single-family home in Boise with a yard and 3 bedrooms/2 baths are renting anywhere from $2,000-$4,000/month depending on size and location.  There are over 1/3 of the rentals in Boise are priced at $2100/month or higher.  In Idaho, according to Zillow rents in Idaho have increased by over 40%  in the past three years. That ranks Idaho fourth in the nation for the biggest increase in that span, and this includes the slight decrease in rent we saw at the start of 2023.

If you take the average cost of rent, $1850 X 12, renters can expect to pay over $22,000/annually.  If a renter can afford to rent in Boise the next step is to find a place to rent and that has become even more challenging.  The most sought-after rentals tend to be single-family homes with yards, but they are not only priced at a premium, but they go quickly, so renters may have to fill out multiple rental applications before finally getting a lease.  The other challenge faced by renters in Boise over the past few years is having located a single-family home to rent and finding out that the owner is planning to sell the property.  This can mean the lease won’t be renewed by the new owners or if it is it could have new terms or a higher monthly rent when the new owners take over and negotiate the terms of a lease renewal.

U.S. renters will continue to face challenges from limited supply and excess demand in the coming year that will keep upward pressure on rent growth. At a national level, we forecast rent growth of 6.3% in the next 12 months, somewhat ahead of home price growth and historical rent trends according to’s annual housing forecast for 2023.

Buying a Home in Boise

Buying vs Renting BoiseFor those looking to make a Boise home on a more permanent basis, buying is a more popular option, but there are challenges as well.  First, home prices have gone up substantially over the past five years in the Treasure Valley, and with higher interest rates we are now seeing some potential buyers priced out of the market. The median price of a home in Ada County is around $490,000, coupled with interest rates hovering around 7% many have backed away from buying a home and are waiting until rates come back down.  There are also those who would like to buy, but don’t have high enough credit or long enough employment history to qualify for a loan on a home.

With that said, those who are able to purchase a home, even with the higher rates are almost always better off than renting.  The monthly payment may be slightly higher compared to renting, but home prices are also increasing making the home more valuable.  Instead of spending over $22,000/annually that a renter will never see again, a homeowner may be spending $30,000, but with a return on their investment.  According to a recent article from home prices are growing at an average of 5.4% annually. That’s about $25,000 worth of equity annually.

The median price may be close to $500K, but in Boise you can still find homes under $400,000 with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  If you are willing to take one bathroom and maybe give up the garage you can find even better deals.  Click here for some of the great deals in Boise that make buying a home affordable.  If you go to Canyon County such as Nampa or Caldwell the prices go down lower.  I just recently helped two families get into homes under $350K.  Take a look for yourself at what is available in Canyon County.   Buyers should also remember that your first house doesn’t mean your forever home.  Buying a home, making improvements, and then reselling a few years later is a great way to get the $$$ to buy the home you really want.  

It’s also important to mention the tax advantages that come with owning a home in Boise, Idaho.  Homeowners can take advantage of mortgage interest deductions from the Federal Government which can significantly reduce an individual’s income tax liability. This can potentially save a homeowner thousands of dollars annually.


The Bottom-Line

Buy vs Rent in BoiseThe Bottom-line is, it really depends on a person’s short and long-term goals before deciding to rent vs buy a home.  For many, in the short-term renting may make more sense for the reasons mentioned earlier in this article, but in the long-term buying a home in Boise in most cases makes more financial sense.

There are challenges that come with buying a home, such as qualifying for a loan, the higher monthly cost in some cases, and the costs associated with maintaining a home but owning real estate is one of the best ways to get out of debt and start saving money.  No one should buy a home that they can’t afford or that would cause great financial strain, but there are so many creative ways to buy a home and make it affordable.

For example, I recently worked with two couples that are related and decided to purchase a home together.  They took what they were each paying in rent per month and combined that amount towards a monthly loan payment on a brand new home and ended up paying slightly less than they were renting combined.  The home they purchased had two levels and they converted the upstairs into a completely separate living space with its own kitchen and living room.  They share the yard, garage, and entry areas, but now both families are comfortably living in a beautiful new home.

Another example is that of a first-time home buyer that had rented for years.  They were able to qualify for an FHA loan and IHFA loans getting their interest down by over a percent.  This allowed them to increase what they could afford monthly and get them into a home.  They had almost no money for their down payment and closing costs and we negotiated with the seller to pay the majority of their closing costs.  Now they own a lovely home, with a yard and garage and are slowly building equity.  They are paying just slightly higher than what they were paying in rent, but now they know what their monthly payments are for the life of their loan.  No drastic rent increases, and they are building equity.

Start The Home Buying Process Now

Even if home buying is not immediately in your future it’s important to start the process sooner than later.  The interest rates will come back down and that means that home prices will go back up.  Boise still remains a very desirable place to live and so it is key for those considering buying a home one day to start the process of getting qualified for a loan now.  Check with a local lender to find out what is needed to qualify for a home you would like to purchase.  In some cases, you can start shopping right away, but for others, it may take several months to repair credit scores, save for a down payment or pay down debt.  Many individuals and families I have represented to buy a home didn’t think it was possible when we first started talking only to find out that buying a home here was within their reach.

Let’s start the conversation today and help you find discover if your reality is renting or buying a home in Boise in 2023 or soon after.


Boise Real Estate ProfessionalIf you are considering buying or selling a home  I offer a free, no-obligation consultation and will help you start the home buying process in Boise.  In the meantime, make sure to follow me,  Jennifer Louis, Boise Metro Real Estate Expert, and local relocation guide on Instagram, Facebook, or my blog for fun facts about Boise and of course a few things real estate.  (208) 509-9122 or