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Is Home Staging Worth It in a Hot Market?

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

The quick answer is YES!!! Homes in Boise, Idaho are selling at record prices, but even in a hot market staging the home can generate anywhere from 5-8% more!!! That means a $400,000 home, that is properly staged, could generate an extra $20,000 to $30,000 just for some basic staging techniques. And who couldn’t use an extra $20-30K? Right?! Here’s how to do it:

Face the Facts

There’s a misconception out there among home owners in hot markets that they simply need to put a “For Sale” sign outside and buyers will come flooding in and the bidding wars begin. Unfortunately, when you analyze the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) you can quickly see that even in a seller’s market, homes in great Boise neighborhoods are sitting for long periods with few showings and zero offers, while another home just down the street sells in record times with multiple offers. What is the difference? Well, price obviously plays into it, but more often that not if there are two comparable homes for sale in the same neighborhood at the same time, the home that was staged, had professional photos taken and was marketed correctly will be the home that gets the higher price and quicker. The reason is simple, staging and marketing a home helps a potential buyer imagine themselves in the space. Once a buyer imagines themselves in the home they are more willing to overlook flaws, pay more and go to great lengths to get the home.

Use a Professional Photographer

It’s also important to keep in mind that most buyers are falling in love with a home before they’ve actually seen it in person. According to NAR (National Association of Realtors) 95% of buyers are viewing homes online before they start going out to visit homes. So, how do you make buyers fall in love with your home when they are viewing potentially hundreds of homes online at the same time? Beautiful, eye-popping photos that bring out the homes best features to start. Buyers need to be able to look at a home for sale and imagine themselves living there before they will take the time to visit it in person. Hence the reason appealing furniture, proper layout and a few decorative pieces that pull the eye to some of the home’s best features can make one home stand out from another.

Get a Staging Evaluation Before Selling

Professional staging companies are a great option for homes that will be unoccupied while the house is for sale and only cost a fraction of what the return will be. However, for sellers planning on selling while occupying the home, there are still great techniques to put into place working with existing furniture to stage the home and generate a higher sales price. It can be as simple as boxing up personal items, changing around the furniture layout, and adding a few decorative pieces to make the house really pop and add more value in future buyers’ eyes.

Hire a Realtor That Offers Staging, Photography and Quality Marketing

Welcome to Boise and Beyond offers a free home staging consultation for every listing with proven results. We use professional real estate photographers and have a virtual tour as part of every listing, attracting thousands of views from in state and out of state buyers. Jennifer Louis, Boise Area Real Estate Expert worked in marketing for many years and knows how to get your home in front of potential buyers outside of MLS. If you would like a free home consultation and staging evaluation please contact Jennifer Louis at (208) 509-9122 or

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Jennifer Louis

Residential Real Estate Expert

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