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The Cost of Living in Boise, Idaho

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Discover Boise

Boise, a top relocation destination, attracting people with its outdoor living, relaxed lifestyle, and affordable cost of living compared to nearby states, Boise is a prime choice for relocating families and professionals. If you’re moving to Boise, understanding the city’s living expenses is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the main cost of living in Boise:

Housing in Boise

When considering relocation to Boise, housing is a top priority. The Boise real estate market offers diverse options, from downtown charm to suburban spaciousness. In Ada County, Ada County’s median home prices as of December were $518,000. In Canyon County, encompassing Nampa and Caldwell, prices were $394,000. Ada County homes range from $350,000 to over $2 million. The Boise housing market trends show days on the market for Ada County 40 days and Nampa 56. Boise’s growth makes homeownership a smart choice for those moving to Idaho, especially in areas like West Boise, Southeast Boise, and West Meridian where there is a lot of growth.  Connect with top real estate pro, Jennifer Louis for the precise cost of living expenses, and housing costs by neighborhood or specific areas.  Click here to look at active homes on the market in these areas. 

Renting in Boise

Historically Boise and the surrounding area have a limited supply of rental housing due to high demand, particularly due to the influx of new residents relocating to the area.  There’s an increase in new residential developments, including apartment complexes, aiming to meet the rising demand for multifamily units, however rental rates will likely continue to increase due to supply and demand over the next several years.  As of January 2024, the average rent in Boise was $1,977/month, but here is a breakdown of other resources and rental costs for the Boise area.  Zillow reports a median rent of $1,750 for houses. Apartment List shows Boise’s median rent at $1,229, while Redfin lists the average rent at $1,582.

Utilities in Boise

Boise’s utility and grocery costs align with national averages, balancing the higher housing expenses. Recent averages (as of January 2024):

  • Electricity: 11.36 cents per kWh, average monthly bill $108.73.
  • Natural Gas: The average monthly bill is $53.
  • Water: The average monthly bill is $49. Veolia North America operates Boise’s water services. Southern Idaho’s irrigation districts provide water savings for landscape irrigation in certain neighborhoods.
  • Internet: The average monthly bill is $53 (8 Mbps). Providers include Century Link, Sparklight, Anthem Broadband, CTC Telecom, AT&T Wireless, and Ting, among others. T
  • Total average monthly utility costs are approximately $297, including electricity, gas, cable, internet, and water. In areas like Middleton, Caldwell, Star, private/community wells, septic systems, and irrigation canals are more common.

Depending on which area you make home in the Boise area you could expect the total Average Monthly Utility Costs to be about $297/month, including electricity, gas, cable & internet, and water.  The costs of living in Boise when it comes to utilities are on average lower than neighboring states.

Child Care in Boise

For those relocating to Boise with children, child care is a significant expense. Child care and private schooling costs in Boise vary by care type, child’s age, and institution. Average costs are:

  • Daycare: Approximately $6,905/year in centers, $6,284/year in family/in-home settings.
  • Pre-school: Around $6,429/year in centers, $5,834/year in family/in-home settings.
  • Private Schools: The average cost for high schools in Idaho is about $8,272. Specific fees for Boise schools may vary.

Boise Fuel Costs

For new Boise residents, understanding local fuel costs is vital. As of the beginning of 2024, Boise experienced a notable decrease in gas prices, with an average drop of about 7 cents per gallon. The cheapest gas in Boise was reported to be priced at $2.99 per gallon, while the most expensive was around $3.39 per gallon. This decline in prices represents a positive trend for residents, especially considering the escalating fuel costs over the past year

Lifestyle and Leisure in Boise

Boise’s lifestyle is a draw for those considering relocation to Idaho. Boise is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and culture lovers alike. From the stunning Boise River Greenbelt to the vibrant arts scene, there’s always something to do – without breaking the bank. Many activities, like hiking and visiting local parks, are free or low-cost, making it easy to enjoy the area.

Compared with other neighboring states a move to Boise may make more sense when it comes to cost of living. Home prices and utilities compared to Washington, California, Oregon, and Colorado are typically significantly less. Not to mention the amount of time and energy saved due to the shorter commute times and less congestion in traffic.


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